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Hello All,

I am dealing with a dataset that deals with the Time Values.
I have a Worksheet where i want to show 5 minutes ahead in the period start time.
Can anyone help me with this ?
General Discussion / Re: Highlight data
Last post by DmxDeepInsight -

You can make use of our Dashboard Actions feature to display your data more effectively.

Go to Dashboard > Actions, and click Add. In the Source sheets, check Sales across various countries, and for Target sheets, check Sales across various cities, and Quantity sold city-wise.

Now when you click any country of the Source sheet, the target sheets would display only relevant data; meaning you can see only those cities and quantities of the selected country.

This would provide an added advantage to your dashboard as you can dynamically change data to highlight different points using the same three sheets.
General Discussion / Highlight data
Last post by Isabella -
I am creating a dashboard on Sales data, and have created three sheets.
1. Sales across various countries,
2. Sales across various cities
3. Quantity sold City-wise

Can u suggest the best possible way to highlight data effectively? Currently, I have just added these sheets to Dashboard.
General Discussion / Re: Chart suggestion
Last post by DmxDeepInsight -
You can use WordCloud chart which we've recently added in DeepInsight.
This chart can highlight the maximum trending thing more effectively..
You need to follow some steps:
- You need to add field Trend in Columns deck and Number of hits field in Rows deck
- Switch to WordCloud chart.

I'm sure you'll get the desired chart. Have a great day ahead!
General Discussion / Chart suggestion
Last post by shen -
I own an event management company. Recently, I took quiz o social site about which trend you like the most to analyse market expectations for my own sake of course.

I've saved the data in form of two fields. 1. Trend 2.Number of votes to the trend
I want to create a chart in which I'll be able to show the maximum trending thing more highlighted. It will be useful to me for presentations also.

Of course I know bar chart or Pie chart. But can you suggest more interesting than this?
General Discussion / Re: Uploading data set
Last post by DmxDeepInsight -
Hi Shen,
Though you've upload limit 50 MB, it is the maximum size of data you can access on the free version.
While uploading a single file, you are limited to a file size of 10 MB.

The best option I'll suggest is to buy our Enterprise edition..!!  :))
You'll be able to upload or access large data sets.
General Discussion / Re: Sharing my sheets
Last post by DmxDeepInsight -

If you don't want to share all your sheets with other users you can opt one of the below options to hide your other sheets which are incomplete:
1. You can pause your sheet and lock them before sharing the workbook to hide them,
2. You can privately publish the selected sheets under a single context, to your colleagues under a team.

This is how you can keep your incomplete sheets private.
General Discussion / Re: Sorting for Number field
Last post by DmxDeepInsight -
Hi Alessa,

The same Sort option of String field will help you to arrange your data based on Number field.
Just follow these steps.

Click Sort > Advanced > By Field radio button.
From the drop-down, select your Number field and choose the aggregation for the same.

By clicking Save, your data will be arranged as per your requirement.
Sure, The above scenario is normal behavior.

Please use ctrl+shift+v to use text from somewhere into the dashboard.
This will copy your text in default format which DI support.

According to my understanding from your scenario,  we can achieve the desired result using relevant date which we are supporting soon.

Once it gets available, we will let you know.