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How to add image in dashboard?

I want to add an image in dashboard. I went to Google, copied the URL and paste in Image window. I got error as "Select image file only [png/gpg/peg]".
I don't know how to get link for image followed by .jpg/.png
Can you help?

Re: How to add image in dashboard?

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Please follow below steps:
1. Go to Google.
2. Select an image
3. Normally we just copy the link and paste it in window of dashboard. But here, we need to copy the address.
4. So, right click on image and select option "Copy image address". You'll get link followed by .jpg/.png
5. Paste in the dashboard "Add Image" window. The image will get added in dashboard by clicking on OK button.

Hopefully you find above provided information helpful.
Have a great day ahead!! :)