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Welcome to DMXDeepInsight. Follow with this guide to learn how to register, signup, connect to data, build views, collaborate and publish using sample data.

Register with DMXDeepInsight

Start with registering with DMXDeepInsight. Follow the steps below to register.

Access DMXDeepInsight

  1. In your web browser, type, https://www.dmxdeepinsight.com/public.
  2. On the login page, click Register here.


  3. Fill the registration form.


  4. Click Sign Up!

Validate Your DMXDeepInsight Account

After successfully creating a DMXDeepInsight account, you will receive a confirmation email from us with an activation link. To activate your DMXDeepInsight account, click the link. You will be redirected to the DMXDeepInsight log in page.


Note: If you do not receive the confirmation email within a few minutes of signing up, please check your Spam folder in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox.

Sign Into DMXDeepInsight

After validating your account, you are redirected to the DMXDeepInsight log in page. Your username is auto-filled, you must enter your password to sign in.


After you log into DMXDeepInsight, you will get a tour of the Homepage and its whereabouts.

Connect to Data

The first thing to do when you log into DMXDeepInsight is to connect to your data. Follow the steps below to connect to a sample Excel file.

  1. Click Db.png on the toolbar.

    Step1 clickDB.png

  2. In the Flat File tab and enter the dataset name > browse and import file from your system.

    Flatfile CC.png

  3. Select a sheet and then click Add to DMXDeepInsight.

    Excelsheets dialog.png

  4. Click Save.

    Flatfile CS.png

Build Your First View

After you connect to your file data source, you are immediately redirected to the Workspace view. To get started, you will create a new workbook, “My Workbook” and create a new worksheet, “My Worksheet.”

  1. On the Workbook menu, click New Workbook.

    New wrkbk.png

  2. In the Create Workbook dialog, type My Workbook and then click Save.

    New wrkbk dialog.png

  3. In the Create Worksheet dialog, type My Worksheet and then click Add.

    New wrksht dialog.png

In My Workbook, fields are displayed as dimensions and measures in the Data pane on the left side of the workbook. You can create views by placing fields from the Data pane onto the columns and rows decks.

My wrksht view.png


From the Data pane, drag-and-drop State field in the columns deck and Quantity field in the rows deck. DeepInsight builds the default bar chart.



  1. From the Data pane, drag-and-drop the State field in the Filters deck.

    Filter a.png

  2. In the interactive panel on your right, unselect All values, then select fields you want to include in the view, and then click Apply. After that click Hide Deck to close the filter panel.

    Filter items.png

Show Data Labels

On the toolbar, click Abc label.png to show data labels in the chart view.

Color Theme

  1. From the dimensions pane, drag-and-drop Ship Date in the Color deck.

    Colordeck shipdate.png

  2. Right-click Ship Date and change its date function to Quarter (Q1-Q4).

    Datfun Q.png

  3. Open the Color deck and select Macarons theme from the Select Color Palette drop-down and click Apply.

    Color deck apply.png

  4. Hover anywhere in the chart view and view the analysis in a tooltip.


New Chart Type

  1. In the chart accordion, click the Bar Chart, to open the chart palette.

    Chaty type.png

  2. From the chart palette, Tree Map.

    Treemap charttype.png

Drill Hierarchies

  1. Open the Options deck and select the Drill Mode checkbox.

    Drill hie.png

  2. Click California. The segment is drilled to show quantity ordered per quarter for California. Hover mouse on Q4 to view the tooltip.

    Hie cal.png

  3. Click SUM(Quantity) to return to the summarized view.

    Go back sum view.png

Collaborate With Others

After you create a view, you can invite your team members to collaborate on the visualization.

  1. On the toolbar, click COL ICON.png to open the Collaborate view.


  2. In My Workbooks panel, go to My Workbook, and then click Share.png.

    Share click.png

  3. Select users from the drop-down, click Share, and then after you are done adding users, click OK. Your collaborators will be notified via email that you’ve shared this workbook with them.

    Share select users.png

  4. To prevent your collaborators from making changes to your worksheets/dashboards in the shared workbook, click the open lock next to the worksheet and lock your sheet.

    Lock sheet.png

Publish Visualizations

After you build a view, you can publish your view publicly or only to a specific group.

  1. In the My Workbooks panel, open My Workbook, and then click Publish.png next to My Worksheet.

    Publish sheet.png

  2. Click the Custom Tab. Create a new group > add people to the group > click Copy Link > click Publish. Your collaborators will be notified via email that you’ve published this worksheet to them.

    Colla dialog.png