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You can base your DeepInsight analyses on a variety of data sources, such as popular databases, flat files, web data connectors, create custom datasets, or integrate with third-party applications. You connect to data sources and create datasets. Data sources contain connection information whereas datasets define the fields to use as data from the data source you want to work with. You create data sources on the Configure page, which you reach from the DeepInsight homepage (click +Create > Connect to Data) or click the DI DB Icon.jpg on the DeepInsight global toolbar.

About the Configure Page

You can create and analyze visualizations only when you have configured datasets, and which is why DeepInsight prompts new users to create datasets if they reach the Visualization page without first configuring a dataset. When you create a dataset, DeepInsight saves it in the Datasets panel. You can click any configured dataset to view or edit its details or delete it from DeepInsight.

Any dataset created in DeepInsight is:

  • prefixed with an icon to differentiate between the data sources.

    DI Excelicon.png | DI DBIcon.png | DI WDCIcon.png | DI CusICon.png | DI 3rdParty.png

  • associated with a color code indicating its status.
    • DI YellowIcon.png indicates import is in process.
    • DI Green1Icon.png indicates data import success. You are immediately prompted to create a new dataset or add or open a workbook. A dataset import message appears in the notification center.
    • DI RedIcon.png indicates data import fail. A dataset import message appears in the notification center.