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DeepInsight requires a license key for service activation from the admin portal. To activate the DeepInsight service, you require the payment reference number. This number is generated after you purchased a pack subscription of DeepInsight. You can access your payment reference number from the Dimentrix Customer Account Login or check your email from us containing the payment reference number.

Follow the steps below to activate your DeepInsight service.

Step 1: Generate Activation Code

Fill in your details and provide the payment reference number.

Step 2: Activate License

DeepInsight will generate an activation code. Click Activate. DeepInsight will connect to the licensing server and activate your license. If the auto-activation failed due to inability to connect to the license server, or you have no internet connection, or you are behind a firewall, proxy, or anti-virus software, then you can also perform a manual activation.

Manual Activation

Follow the steps below to perform a manual activation.

  1. Copy the Activation Code.
  2. Log into your Dimentrix Customer Account and then click Manual Activation on the side panel.
  3. Paste the activation code in the Enter Activation Code text box.
  4. Click Generate License.
  5. Copy the generated license key.
  6. Log into your Admin portal and provide the license key and then click Activate.

DeepInsight will activate your license and show the license details in a pop-up window.

Step 3: Choose Authentication Type

You can specify users’ authentication type. DeepInsight supports:

  • DMX DI | LDAP | Open ID as primary authentication
  • DMX DI as a failover mechanism

Failover means, if the primary authentication fails, the service switches to the secondary authentication method.

In DeepInsight, let’s take this example, you’ve selected LDAP as your primary authentication type and DMX DI as your secondary authentication. At the time of registration, DeepInsight will first check with the LDAP server whether the user exists. If the user does not exist, DeepInsight will create a user with the same username and password and store it in its database. At the time of login, DeepInsight will first check for the user in the LDAP server, and if that user is not found, then it will fall back on its database and search there for the user. If the user is not found, DeepInsight will throw an error message.

Follow the steps below to set an authentication type.

  1. Choose a primary authentication type from DMX DI | LDAP | Open ID.
  2. Choose DMX DI as the secondary authentication type for LDAP | Open ID. This step is optional.
  3. Provide configuration details for LDAP or Open ID based on your selection.
  4. Click Save.