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After activating DeepInsight, the administrator can perform various actions to set up and maintain DeepInsight use. Administrator users are there to ensure:

User Management

After users register with DeepInsight, they must be admin approved. You can approve, edit and suspend users. By default, users pending for approval appear in the Pending Users list. You can click the user to view its details. ===Approve Users=== Users whom you approve can access and use DeepInsight.

  1. Locate and click a user in the Pending Users list. The user details are displayed on the right.
  2. Choose a role and then click Approve. DeepInsight will approve the user and move it into the Approved Users list. The approved user will receive a confirmation mail about the approval.

Note: You can also activate a suspended user, to do so, locate the user on the Suspended Users list > click user > choose a role > click Approve.

Search Users

By using the search box, you can locate a specific user. This search box is present at the top of each user list.

Edit User

Users may require changes to be made to their account such as; updating their name, changing their role/avatar, updating their email address. These changes can be made by locating and clicking the user in the Approved Users list. You can change roles of users who are pending approval or are suspended.

Change Role

A user's role can be changed through the editing process outlined above.

Suspend Users

To remove a user's access to DeepInsight, you can suspend a user, but this does not mean you’ve deleted their account.

  1. Locate and click a user in the Approved Users list. The user details are displayed on the right.
  2. Click Suspend. The user is moved to the Suspended Users list. Their access to DeepInsight is immediately revoked.

Search Users

By using the search box, you can locate a specific user. This search box is present at the top of each user list.

License Management

Your license entitles you to use DeepInsight and be eligible for support and upgrades for a specified period. It also defines the number of users entitled to use DeepInsight.

View DeepInsight License Details

To view DeepInsight license, click and open License Management in the Admin Portal. The License Details page tells you:

  • The type of license: Named, or Floating.
  • The number of analyst and subscribers in your license.
  • License duration.
  • Your license expiry date.
  • Your license ID generated when you purchased a license for the first time.
  • Various actions which you can take.

Add New License Request

You can add new license request by providing the payment reference number.

  1. Click + sign on the top of the License Management table.
  2. In the New License Request dialog, add the payment reference number and then click Generate Request.

View User Details

The User Details table indicate the number of approved users, along with their username, user ID, complete name, email ID, and assigned role. Click any row in the License Details table, users associated with that license are displayed in the User Details table.

Downgrade your license

Your license is valid for one-year and cannot be downgraded. However, we offer 30-day Evaluation option, allowing you to use a fully functional server version of DeepInsight before you proceed with a purchase. What you'll be using during your evaluation is what you'll be getting when you buy. All installed evaluations include access to our engineering team and technical support resources.

Authentication Configuration

<p>While activating DeepInsight, you have configured the authentication method for your users. You can change this method anytime. Users already logged into DeepInsight will not be affected.

To change DeepInsight user authentication method, click and open Authentication Configuration in the Admin Portal.

SMTP Server Configuration

Configure an SMTP server that takes care of the delivery of your emails. The configuration of SMTP server in DeepInsight is straightforward - open the SMTP Server Configuration page and add these parameters.

  1. SMTP Server (i.e., outgoing mail)
  2. SMPT port
  3. SMTP username: Your complete email address (e.g.,
  4. SMTP password: Your email password and then you confirm the password.

Organization Details

Organization details you fill while activating the service is saved on this page. All fields are editable.

Broadcast Message

Broadcasts are messages you can send to all users, or a group of users, with just a click. For example, unplanned server shutdown.
From the Active Users list, select All or a group of users > click Broadcast Message > Type your message > click Send.
Logged in users will get your message immediately. The message will appear as a notification on their notification center.

Manage Profile

Your profile contains your user settings. This includes your email address, your username, avatar, option to change your password, option to contact or send feedback to the DeepInsight Engineering team, and an option to log out.
Hover over the avatar on the top-right corner of DeepInsight window and see your username and email address used while installing DeepInsight On-premise or configuring DeepInsight Cloud.
Click the avatar, to view more options.

  • To update your email address or avatar, click Edit Profile.
  • To change your password, click Change Password. For security purpose, we need your current password.
  • To contact DeepInsight Engineering team, click Feedback. There is a character limit of 512 words.
  • To log out of DeepInsight, click Log Out.

Notification Center

Notification Center is the place where you’ve received notifications from users. The Notification Center icon displays the total of new notifications available. All new notifications are a green bubble with the number of new items. Open your Notification Center to see notifications displayed with the most recent on top and unread messages highlighted. To delete all notifications at once, click Clear All.

Shut Down DeepInsight Server

When you shut down, the Tomcat and its service stop running on Windows (although the service continues to run on Linux). Users logged in cannot perform any action, and on refreshing their view, they will see a Temporarily Down for Maintenance page. To shut down, click Shut Down Server on the Admin console. DeepInsight will shut down immediately. Alternatively, you can shut down DeepInsight when you stop the Tomcat service (on Windows) or close the command prompt.

Note: To avoid catching your users by surprise, use the Broadcast Message functionality to let them know in advance when you would be shutting down and restarting DeepInsight.

Restart DeepInsight Server

You can restart DeepInsight by restarting services required to run DeepInsight. If you have shut down database server, AI server, core server, then you must restart these in sequential order.

  1. Restart Database Server
    • Windows: Run CMD as an administrator.
      Linux: Open Terminal.
    • Type: cd <<installation path of dmx_database>>.
    • Press Enter.
    • Type: startup.bat (Windows) (Linux) and press Enter.
  2. Restart AI Server
    • Windows: Run CMD as an administrator.
      Linux: Open Terminal.
    • Type: cd <<installation path of ml_server>>.
    • Type di and then press Tab.
    • Press Enter.
  3. Restart Core Server
    • Windows: Run CMD as an administrator.
      Linux: Open Terminal.
    • Type: cd <<bin path of dmx_tomcat>>.
    • Type startup.bat ( – Linux).
    • Press Enter. Core Server takes a bit long to boot up.
  4. Refresh DeepInsight page.
  5. Enter Boot Password.