April 14, 2018

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This topic contains an overview of some of the key new features added to DeepInsight Warp 2.9.1.

Data.world Integration with DeepInsight

Guess what? DeepInsight has been updated to integrate with data.world. Now you can have seamless access to data.world analytics on your DeepInsight dashboards. This integration is available in both public and enterprise editions.

Data.world connection.png

Data.world build result.png

Say Hello to Donuts!

Donut charts are nothing but an "evolution" of pie charts with a hole in the middle. Like in a pie chart, the donut chart compares segments against the whole. These are visually attractive charts, allows to compare data more efficiently, and takes much less space.


Custom Hierarchies

Hierarchies are useful in your data exploration journey, and from Warp 2.9.1, you can create custom hierarchies using any combination of available dimensions and drill-down/up to get an in-depth view of the selected field.


Allowable Values in Parameter

DeepInsight now gives you the ability to specify allowable values for your parameter. Your choices are all, from a list, or a range.

Example of List

Parameters List.gif

Example of Range

Parameters Range.gif

New in Dashboards

  • Now resize and change the orientation of dashboard images from options available in the point and click drop-down arrow.


  • Find all controls that earlier appeared on the title bar in the point and click drop-down.