August 14, 2018

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What's New in Warp 4.0?

DeepInsight released Warp 4.0 today. It’s packed full of new enhancements, performance boosters, and important bugfixes. Read about the noteworthy changes here or try them yourself.

Export Pivot Table to PDF

You can export pivot table in PDF format. Through the Export to PDF settings, control how your table will be displayed in the exported PDF file.


Customizing Axes

We’ve reworked our chart axes, and now you can customize its range, control its location, include/ exclude zero from the axis, keep or hide tick marks, and reverse the axis scale.

Axis Range

Now you can set a uniform or independent axis range not supported previously. The default axis setting is uniform which means each column and row shares the same axis range. With the independent axis, the view will change, so each row has its unique range.

Axis range.gif


You can change the location of the axis from the default left to right and vice-se-versa. Location is most useful when analyzing merged axes on a separate scale.

Axis loc.gif

Include Zero

You can now toggle zero from the axis range. On excluding zero, DeepInsight starts the range from the minimum value in your data.


Tick Marks

You can either keep or hide tick marks from the chart.


Reversed Scale

You can reverse the axis scale to run from maximum to minimum.


Chart Colors

You can now refine your chart color by adding a custom color. For this, open the color picker and choose the color of your choice or input hex or RGB color codes if you know the value.


Dashboard Page Color

Create an effect by adding page color to your dashboard. You can pick a new color from the color scale and drag your selection around the rectangle and see how the page color changes in your dashboard.


Data Label Deck

We’ve extended Data Label Deck support to these charts.

Areachart.png DIbarchart.png DIfunnelchart.png DIlinechart.png DIpiechart.png DIshapechart.png DIworldmap.png