August 31, 2018

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What's New in Warp 4.3?

DeepInsight released Warp 4.3 today. New and improved enhancements have been added to DeepInsight Visualization and Collaboration.

Data Security for Published Views

When you publish views, by default, all users to whom you publish can see all content in the views. From warp 4.3 onwards, Enterprise users can now create rules to manage how users and teams interact with published content. This feature is introduced so that instead of repeating views users can create rules to differentiate users. Our new Data Security menu enables you to create and manage rules, see a preview of what target users will see based on the rule to which they are assigned, and remove applied rules from the view. These rules do not control what data will appear inside of a view.

Creating Rules

Create Rule.gif

Assigning Rule to Team


View As Rules


Import/Export Workbooks

The import/export workbook functionality is back for the Enterprise. These commands are now available in the Workbook menu.


Parameter Commands for Dashboards

Place worksheets containing parameters in a dashboard and click the Analysis menu. You will not miss the Show/Hide Parameters and Edit Parameter Fields enabled. Yes, now show/hide, edit, remove parameter fields from the sheets added to the dashboards.