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This section lists the various features which you can use for building chart views.

Data Pane

The sidebar, also known as the Data pane appears on the left side of the Workspace. The Data pane contains fields from the data source to which DeepInsight is connected.

  • Dimensions – Fields that contain categorical information such as strings or date/datetime, or Boolean values.
  • Measures – Fields that contains numerical information that can be aggregated such as sales, profits, discount, quantity.
  • Parameters – Parameters are dynamic values you can change and see how it impacts other fields.
  • Calculated Fields – Calculated fields let you automate manual calculations using a formula based on other fields and existing calculated fields.

Drag and drop interface

From the Data pane, on the left-side of the Worksheet view, you can drag-and-drop dimensions, measures, parameters or functions into the columns and rows deck. DeepInsight renders your chart in real time. Anytime you drag and drop a new field or modify individual fields, DeepInsight re-renders your chart which makes your chart creation interactive & fast.

Dimensions and measures

DeepInsight assigns each field in the data source as dimensions or measures based on the data types it detects.

Fields containing categorical information such as customer name, product name, ship method, order date and so on are identified as dimensions and are listed in the Dimensions pane. Dimensions are identified with a string data type and display a blue background on mouse hover. When you place a dimension in the columns or rows deck, DeepInsight creates a column or row in the chart view.

Fields containing numerical information such as sales, profits, discount, quantity and so on are identified as measures and are listed in the Measures pane. Measures are identified with a numeric data type and display a green background on mouse hover. When you place a measure in the columns or rows deck, DeepInsight aggregates the measure and creates an axis in the chart view.


All dimension and measure fields have a datatype. This table lists the datatypes in DeepInsight.

Icon Datatype
Textstring datatype.png
Text (string) values
Date datatype.png
Date & Time values
Numeric datatype.png
Numeric values
Geo datatype.png
Geographical values

Columns and rows decks

Columns deck creates columns of a table and rows deck creates rows of a table. For dimensions placed on the columns/rows deck, DeepInsight creates headers in the chart view and for measures; it creates axes in the chart view. You can place any number of fields on these decks.

Chart orientation

You can change the orientation of your chart from vertical to horizontal by swapping the fields on columns and rows decks. Click the Swap Rows and Columns icon once, the orientation changes to horizontal, click again and the orientation changes to vertical again.

Chart accordion

The chart accordion is the central hub where you can adjust how your charts look, behave, and calculate. The decks in the chart accordion let you tweak a wide variety of different details of chart properties like assigning colors to categorical data or quantitative data, selecting a new chart to analyze, and so on.

Chart color

When DeepInsight builds the chart for the first time, it assigns the default blue color to the fields in the chart view. You can select a new chart color which DeepInsight assigns to all fields in the chart view.

  1. On the Chart Accordion, click the Color deck.
  2. From the color palette, select a color. DeepInsight renders the chart and displays all fields in the new color.

Color palette

When you drop a dimension field on the Color deck, DeepInsight uses a default theme that is pre-configured with the web application.

  1. On the Chart Accordion, click the Color deck.
  2. In the Edit Colors dialog, from the Select Color Palette drop-down, select a new color palette, and then click Apply.