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To work in DeepInsight, you need datasets. This guide is about seamlessly connecting and bringing data from diverse data sources or blending datasets on-the-fly.

A dataset is a collection of data represented as a table. Any dataset created in DeepInsight is associated with a color code indicating its status. After you create a dataset, DeepInsight starts the import process and shows a yellow icon next to the dataset. If the data import succeeds, the yellow icon changes to green and you are prompted to create another dataset or create or open a workbook. If the data import fails, the yellow icon changes to red. DeepInsight will show notifications related to data import in the notification center.

Let’s start by opening the Configure page.

  1. Open DeepInsight.
  2. Click Database icon.png on the toolbar. This icon is global, and you can access it from anywhere in DeepInsight.


  • Click +Create > Connect to Data. Remember this button is only available on the homepage.

What is Where on this Page?

Good Question.

Left Panel:

  • On your left is the Datasets panel where all configured datasets, along with their status are listed. These datasets are prefixed by an icon that represents their dataset type. So, if you are connected to MySQL, then you will see a DB icon before the DB name, or if you are connected to a CVS file, then you will see a file icon, and so on.
  • You can search for datasets using the Search box. You can search for specific words, phrases, numbers, and characters. The search is not case sensitive.
  • You can add new datasets by clicking the plus sign. Mouse-hover shows the button name, just in case, you are not sure what that button does.
  • The panel’s bottom is tabbed. The default tab which you would see when you land of this page is Data Source. The other is the Browser tab which gets enabled when building queries in DB connections or building custom datasets. Note: You can build custom datasets only in the Enterprise Edition. This is an awesome feature to work with. To read more, see here.


  • On your right is the place where you create datasets.
  • Refer to this cloud infographic to get a bird’s eye view of what we support.


  • After creating a dataset, you can move to the next logical step in the process, and that is creating visualizations. If you do not have a dataset and you open the workspace via <Visualize> icon on the toolbar, then DeepInsight will prompt you to create a dataset first. You can cancel the prompt and view the workspace in a disabled state and or create a dataset. If you choose the latter, you are redirected to the Configure page.

So, let’s get started with configuring datasets in DeepInsight!

In this section: