December 1, 2017

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DMXDeepInsight WARP 1.6 is now available! In addition to many important bug fixes, it brings support to Boxplot chart.

New Feature

Box Plot Chart

This powerful new chart display distribution of quantitative data through quartiles. The advantage of analyzing a boxplot chart is that it takes up less space and useful when comparing distributions between multiple dimensions. The median is the mid-point of the dataset and represents the middle 50% of the data. The lower whisker is the minimum value in the dataset, and the upper whisker is the maximum value in the dataset. The upper and lower quartile are the first and third quartiles respectively.


Feature Enhancements

Color Legend for Measures

This enhancement gives you the ability to choose from the pre-built color palette and customize color range for a measure in the Color Deck. When values are a mix of both negative and positive, you can use a diverging palette (combination of 2 or more colors). Otherwise, you can use a sequential palette (a gradient of the same color), when values are either negative or positive. Additionally, DeepInsight can also:

  • distribute colors according to the specified stepped value
  • invert the order of colors in the color range
  • assign a full-color intensity to the starting and ending number of your measure
  • set a limit on the color range
  • Color Measures.gif

Map Chart

Several enhancements have been added to the Map Chart

  • DeepInsight can now recognize Latitude and Longitude coordinates in your dataset and automatically assigns Geo role in the Data Pane. Till warp 1.5, these were recognized as string fields.
  • Search Category: This is a new option in the Geo Role list lets you search country locations using International Standards Organization (ISO) (alpha-2 and alpha-3) and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).
  • New Roles: Three now roles are added to the Geo Role list. These are Latitude, Longitude, and County.
  • Map1.gif

Shape Deck

The Shape Deck now allows dropping of dimension field on it. DeepInsight assigns default shapes to the chart.

Shape Deck.gif

Data Label

DeepInsight smartly decides label font color depending on the applied color theme of that data point/chart segment. So, for a blue segment, label font is white. On an orange segment, the label font is black.

Data Label.gif

Published Filter

Now, published visualizations can be filtered. The Filter Deck would be displayed for published charts and dashboards if a filter was applied to it.

Publish Filter.gif

Parameter Card

You can now edit parameter value directly from the Show Deck panel, without opening the Edit Parameter dialog. Just open Show Deck panel, and in the Parameter text box, type the new parameter value.

Parameter Card.gif

Dashboard Size

New Size drop-down that lets you control the overall size of your dashboard.

  • Fixed Size. Set a fixed size for the dashboard. The dashboard size does not change, regardless of the size of the browser window. It becomes scrollable when it is larger than the browser window.
  • Automatic. DeepInsight automatically resizes the dashboard to fill the browser window.
  • Dashboard Dec.gif