December 19, 2017

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DMXDeepInsight WARP 1.8 is now available! In addition to many important bug fixes, it brings support to Query Builder, New Menu Bar, and New Size and Geo Decks.

New Features

Join Your Data

DeepInsight now supports query builder using which you can join sheets with a column in common. Joining is a method for combining related data from two or more tables. In this release, you can use four types of joins to combine your data: inner, left, right, and full outer.

Query builder.png

New Menu Bar

We’ve reworked on the user interface of our workspace view by moving icons appearing on the toolbar to our new menu bar. The commands in the menu bar are grouped under each menu heading according to their function. For example, the dashboard menu contains actions related to a dashboard. The toolbar displaying the most-used options appear just below the menu bar.


New Size Deck

We’ve added a new Size Deck in Shape and Map charts, which you use to increase or decrease the size of shapes in the chart view. Move the slider to the right to increase the size of the shapes, and move it to the left to decrease the size of the shapes.

ShapeSize Deck.gif

New Geo Deck

Map users will be happy to know that we have added a new Geo Deck to the Pie Chart. Now when you place a geographic field in the Geo Deck, DeepInsight plots pies on the map.


Number and Date Formats

We’ve added a new right-click option for date and number fields called Date Format and Number Format respectively. These options allow setting a new format for these fields. For example, show Years in a two-digit format.

Date Format.gif

Or, show Sales as a percentage.

Number Format.gif

Feature Enhancements

Color Enhancement

You can now change the color of an individual data item from the Color Deck. Previously you could only change the color theme for all data items in the chart view.

Color Enhancement.gif

Map Chart

DeepInsight added an in-built support to resolve geo conflicts when it cannot recognize locations in your geographical data. There could be multiple reasons geo conflicts can occur. For example, state or city names different than the officially recognized names or multiple occurrences of state or city name across the world.

Map EditLoc.gif