December 28, 2017

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DMXDeepInsight WARP 1.8.5 is now available! In addition to many important bug fixes, it introduces new user interface for the Configure Sources page and many chart enhancements.

Feature Enhancements

Configure Sources UI

Open Configure Sources page, and you will notice that things look a little different. That’s correct. We have updated the look and made the interface cleaner and easier to navigate. We’ve added bigger data sources icons which when clicked displays the fields to be filled. You will not miss noticing My Data Sources pane gone. All your datasets are listed in the left pane.

Config flatfile.png

Especially for the database data sources, we have added a new My Connections pane listing all your configured database connections.

Config db.png

Login Approvals

As more individuals have started to use DeepInsight, we are making sure that you take more control over protecting your account from unauthorized access. Login approvals require you to authenticate your email address you provide during registration. Having an email address associated with your account prevents a lockout and ensures that you regain access to your account if you ever lose your password.


Email Alerts

We have given a boost to our sharing and publishing capabilities by automatically sending email alerts to DeepInsight users with whom you share/unshare or publish/unpublish your sheets.


New Right-Click Options

We’ve added brand new options when you right-click any dimension or measure in the Data Pane.

Convert Data Type

This new option lets you change the data type of dimension or measure fields directly from the Data Pane. Just right-click > Convert Data Type.

Data Type Conversion.gif

Measures to Dimensions and Vice-se-Versa Conversion

This new option lets you convert any dimension to measure and any measure to dimension directly from the Data Pane.


Size Deck

Now place measures directly on the Size Deck and see DeepInsight assign different sizes to each data point.


Postal Code in Maps

Now postal codes can be plotted on the World Map chart.