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Notification Center is the place where you receive notifications from:

  • DeepInsight admin (applies to both Free and Enterprise editions)
  • Activities related to configuration, visualization, and collaboration (applies to both Free and Enterprise editions)
  • Team activities (applies to Enterprise edition)

When you log in to DeepInsight, you can also view new notifications sent to you while you were offline. A red bubble with the number of new items indicates the notifications are from DeepInsight admin and green bubble indicates notifications from activities performed in DeepInsight.

DI NotiC.png

Find All Notifications In One Place

Open your Notification Center to see notifications displayed with the most recent on top and unread messages highlighted. You can now:

  • Clear individual notifications. Click DI x.png against the notifications you want to delete.
  • Mark all messages read. Click DI eclippses.png and then click Mark All Read. DeepInsight removes the count from the Notification Center and resets the number of unseen notifications to zero.
  • Remove all messages from the Notification Center. Click DI eclippses.png and then click Remove All.
  • Turn Off, as the name suggests, temporarily turns off notifications for visualization, collaboration, and team activities. Admin notifications cannot be turned off. DeepInsight stops sending notifications for the selected views until turned on again. Click DI eclippses.png then click Turn Off , select notifications to be turned off, click Ok.

    To Turn On notifications, unselect the notifications in the Turn Off Notifications dialog.

DI TurnOff&ON.gif