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Say, you have been working in the sales office in India, and you are now relocating to the sales office in Singapore. Both locations use a different IP to access DeepInsight which means you cannot access data configured on India IP from Singapore. Well, this is where you will use the Export and Import Workbooks feature. You can transfer data configured on India IP to Singapore IP with no extra hard work.

Export import.png

Export Workbooks

The exported workbooks contain your datasets, workbooks, charts, and dashboards which created in DeepInsight India IP. Open the Export Data dialog and select the workbooks for export.

Next, secure the zipped file with a password. This password should be at least 8 characters or more. DeepInsight strongly recommends not to forget this password because you will need it at the time of import. We cannot recover this password for you. If you lose the password, you will lose your data (especially if you closed your account).

The third is an optional step, rename the default zipped file as desired. If you do not rename, DeepInsight will export the file with the name Export_Data.

Last, click Proceed. DeepInsight starts the exporting process. During this time, you cannot work in DeepInsight. Once your data is ready, you will be prompted to download your exported data to the downloads location configured on your system.

Note: Any visualizations shared, or published visualizations are automatically unshared and unpublished during the export process. This means, your collaborators would still have access to the visualizations in shared or published on DeepInsight web India IP, but in the exported data these will be in an unshared and unpublished state. You can reshare or republish visualizations after creating your account on new IP.

Import Workbooks

Importing data is a cakewalk, and you will find this option just below Export Workbooks in Avatar. Just open the Import Data dialog, import the zipped file, enter the password, and we are done.

If the visualizations were in shared or published state before the export process began, then these will be in the unshared and unpublished state on import.

Note: Import does not work if you are on the same IP from where you exported your data. This means, if you exported data on India IP then you cannot import it back even if the account is different.