February 07, 2018

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Hot on the heels of warp 2.0.1, we are excited to launch warp 2.3! WARP 2.3 includes a responsive user tour of the homepage, improved visualization capabilities to help you analyze your data even faster, and built-in support for third party data sources.

So, let’s get started!

User Tour

The DeepInsight Homepage has been further enhanced with User Tour. A user tour, we believe will be useful because it contains helpful information meant to guide. This user tour will automatically play when users log into DeepInsight. Users can skip/dismiss the tour anytime and navigate back and forth.

UserTour (2).gif

Third Party Integration

Another great enhancement with warp 2.3 is the introduction of Third Party Integration in Data Sources. You can now seamlessly integrate data hosted on SAP and ERPNext into DeepInsight. ERPNext is available in DeepInsight public.

SAP Reports






Color Enhancement

The Color Deck has been enhanced for Pie, Gauge, Treemap, Funnel, & World Map charts and you can now place any measure field in the Color Deck to get relevant results.

Color Enhancement1.gif

Calculated Fields

These calculated field functions are new.

  • DATE(value)
  • DATETIME(value)
  • DOUBLE(value)
  • INTEGER(value)
  • STR(value)