February 21, 2018

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It’s time for our new warp 2.5 updates with all its shiny new features.

New in Data Sources

While importing excel file in DeepInsight, you can allow DeepInsight to consolidate data from all sheets and merge them into a single dataset.


Filter Enhancements

Filter Modes

We’ve added new filter controls to the Show Deck panel.

  • Single Value (List) – displays fields as radio buttons where you can select one value at a time.

    Filter 1.gif

  • Single Value (Dropdown) – displays fields in a drop-down list where you can select a single value at a time.


Top N

You can now view the top n or bottom n or both top and bottom n fields in your data. The top of the filter deck would indicate the Top N filter type in use.


Color Enhancement

New themes have been added for color for measure.

Color enhancement.gif