January 18, 2018

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DMXDeepInsight WARP 2.0 is now available which is all feature rich and includes tons of enhancements.

Revamped Homepage

The most visible improvement of warp 2.0 is the DMXDeepInsight Homepage. We have reworked our Homepage more this time and made notable changes. Our new design creates a consistent experience for users and makes it easier for them to work with workbooks, worksheets, and dashboards.


Before warp 2.0, worksheets and dashboards were listed in the My Visualization and Collaborate galleries. Now, with the introduction to workbooks, the view is displayed within the context of a workbook. Workbooks appear more systematically, allowing you to find sample, shared, published, or owned workbooks with ease.

Homepage 1.png

The new layout lets you view worksheets and dashboards in a two-dimensional, three-dimensional grid, or list view. Our new filter drop-down lets you filter the view by worksheets, dashboards, or both.

Homepage 2.gif

We’ve made it easy to find worksheets and dashboards on the Homepage by adding a Search box. You can search by worksheet and dashboard name.

Homepage search.gif

To get more space on the canvas, you can toggle view.

Toggle 1.gif

Last, but not the least, the new +Create button contains options to configure a new data source or create a new workbook. Before warp 2.0, you could only connect to data. And, oh before we forget, your account’s usage information is moved to the left navigation pane.

Homepage 3.png

What's New in Data Sources

Custom Queries

Enterprise users can now perform cross-database joins by creating your custom queries. A custom query results in a custom dataset which can be used for building views.


New Web Data Connectors

With the release of warp 2.0, you can now build connections to data from Twitter and YouTube.

Twitter Web Connector


YouTube Web Connector


Query Builder Enhancements

Where Clause

Quickly insert Where Clause to a query by selecting columns and conditions from the Where dialog into the Query Builder.


Queries Based on Single Table

Adding to this release is the ability to create queries based on a single table of any database. Just drag-and-drop a table in the Object Visualizer and generate your query.


Minor UI Improvements

  • The user interface of configure data sources page is clean and tabbed. The tabbed view displays data sources as tabs.
  • We’ve renamed Verify DataType button to Map Datatype and made Map Datatype an optional step.

What's New in Workspace

The Workspace, where you spend most of your time, remains the heart and soul of DMXDeepInsight. We focused on making it even better for warp 2.0.

Mapbox Integration

The big feature for warp 2.0 is, of course, Mapbox in World Map which lets you customize maps beyond the inbuilt map customization in DeepInsight. Using your Mapbox API tokens, you can choose any preset background and preview it directly in the Add MapBox Map dialog.


This release also includes a new View Mode deck which controls the map hierarchy. Turning off view mode allow users to drill into their geographical data.

Mapbox ViewMode.gif

Pause Auto Updates

This powerful new feature is a performance booster and lets you build views by pausing auto-update.

What do you think this means?

This means, it temporarily stops DeepInsight from updating the view when you make changes to it. You can resume auto-update again once you finish building your view.


Secondary Date Function

If you work with date dimensions, we’ve added secondary date function for you. This date function segregates your data down to the date level. Earlier, we were only supporting primary date functions which would give you an aggregated view of your data. For example, if analyzing quantity ordered month-wise from 2015-2017, and you are analyzing May then secondary date function would segregate all Mays and show view, such as May 2015, May 2016, and so on, instead of aggregating all Mays together under a single header, May.


Drill Hierarchies in Series Charts

You can now drill hierarchies in Area, Bar, Line, and Shape charts. Drill-down allows you to focus on the “data” within the data for the bar. Now you can drill-down and view the next level in the hierarchy and drill-up for a summarized view of the hierarchal data.



Much like Microsoft Excel, DMXDeepInsight uses workbook which is a collection of worksheets and dashboards. You can create, open, rename, and duplicate workbooks via the new Workbook menu.


What's New in Collaborate

UI and functional developments have been added to the Collaborate page.

UI Developments

We now have a hierarchical view. At the top of this hierarchy is the workbook. Expanding a workbook lists its worksheets and dashboards.


Functional Developments

  • Sharing: You can now share workbooks with others. Sharing has been removed from individual worksheets and dashboards.
  • Transfer Ownership: You can now transfer ownership of workbooks. Transferring ownership has been removed from individual worksheets and dashboards.