January 25, 2018

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DMXDeepInsight Warp 2.0.1 is out. Other than the usual bugfixes, it brings Filter Actions, a new Dashboard Enhancement.

Dashboard Enhancement

Action Filters

New to warp 2.0.1 is Dashboard Actions. You can add actions to your dashboard to filter views in different sheets on the dashboard. For example, clicking on Utah in my map view, my bar chart is filtered to just that state which means you only see analysis related to Utah. The rest of the states are filtered from the view. In simple words, whatever click action you do in one sheet, its impact can be viewed in another sheet added to the dashboard.

To set up a dashboard action, on the toolbar, click Dashboard > Actions > Dashboard Actions > Add > Action Filters. The Action Filters dialog box contains Source and Target sheets. The Source Sheets list the sheets on which you want to take action, and the Target Sheets are those sheets on which action will be taken.

Action Filter.gif