July 05, 2018

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New Third-Party Integration, Enhancements to Notification Center and Published Visualizations on Mobile

Time to check this week's fresh release. This release integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 with DeepInsight and enhances its Notification Center. Enhancements have also been made to the published visualizations on Mobile.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with DeepInsight

DeepInsight has been updated to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online). This integration is available in both public and enterprise editions.

MicDyOn1.png MicDyOn2.png

Enhanced Notification Center

We’ve been working hard to improve on how DeepInsight show notifications to the end-user; like data import, share, publish, and so on. This release includes our baby steps towards the significant change which you would see in a few days. We’ve added dataset-related icons when you import data, share, publish, or transfer reports. This image shows you the new UI of the notification center. Beside this, you can now delete specific or all notifications.


DeepInsight Mobile Enhancements

You can now view visualizations published to individuals, team, or web, along with their context on mobile.

IMG 0732.jpg