June 06, 2018

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Format & Publish Your Visualization, Your Way!

We’ve been hard at work adding improvements and new features to DeepInsight. Warp 3.0 bring all new ways to use DeepInsight; from making our visualization super slick to giving control on publishing. Take a quick tour of specific highlights below.

Format Your Visualization

It’s time to make your visualization super slick! DeepInsight now has a wide variety of formatting options to change the appearance of the visualizations created. Now customize font and shade for the complete view or individual parts of the view via Format area in the Show Deck panel.


Take Control of Publishing

Collaboration is one of the favorite features of DeepInsight, and now we’re making it even more user-friendly.

  • Now, publish insights on the DeepInsight login page by turning on the “Sure, publish my dashboard on the DeepInsight login page.” check box.
  • Earlier, when you use to publish to the web, your dashboard would automatically appear in the dashboard gallery of the DeepInsight login page.
  • Turning off the check box does not publish your dashboard on the DeepInsight login page but will still be available to anyone on the internet.

Publish control.png

Make Your Pivot Table Pop

Make your pivot table pop by adding shapes. Shapes add to the information. Sometimes when you are rushing through appointments and have no time to analyze numbers, shapes distribute insights to you with less effort. For example, in seconds visualize regions that have under-performed via an emoticon ☹.