May 04, 2018

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This topic contains an overview of some of the key new features added to DeepInsight Warp 2.9.5.

Dashboard Editor Enhancements

We’ve showered much-needed love and attention on the dashboard editor. This update revamps toolbar, adds new fonts and formatting styles, and irons out our hyperlink feature.


Revamped Toolbar

We’ve revamped the toolbar, with features lacked in the earlier versions, and at the same time, we’ve gone more minimal. The toolbar is clutter-free and contains only those options presumably you need.


New Fonts and Font Sizes

17 font families are supported, including popular fonts like Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Times New Roman, and Helvetica. Also, quickly change the size of your font by choosing a size from the drop-down.


New Style

Added to the built-in style options is the new preformatted option. Also, now when you change a style, you can view the applied font size.


Custom Colors

You can now fine-tune your choice of text and background colors by switching to custom color. You can refine your choice by either dragging your selection around the colors or providing RGB or HEX color codes.


Customize Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Customize the appearance of a bulleted or numbered list by choosing a new number format or use different symbols for bullets.

Nums Bulls.gif

Improved Hyperlinking

Go ahead and embed links right into the body of your text because we’ve ironed out our hyperlink feature.


Rename Fields in Visualization

You can now rename fields in the Data Pane. The renamed fields are dataset specific and will appear in all worksheets created thereafter.

Renaming Fields New.gif

Visualization & Collaboration Enhancements

  • Color legend is now visible on published visualizations.
  • Sharing filters are now workbook-specific.