May 16, 2018

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Force-Directed Graph

Now you can visualize the connection between nodes in a network through new visualization technique that unfolds the relationships between nodes of interest which may not be obvious. Force-Directed Graph is a visually attractive visualization and is pleasing to the eyes especially when analyzing large data sets.


The dots in the graph represents the nodes, and the lines between the nodes show the relationship between the nodes. The thickness of the line determines the weightage of the relationship between the nodes. When you hover on a node, you can see its connection with other nodes.


You can customize this chart by modifying its layout. You can adjust the force layout by dragging the nodes around. You can change the line and node color or see how the visual looks with arrows. Arrows show outgoing values. You can turn on link labels to know the value on top of each node relationship. Hover on the label to see the same info in a tooltip.