New in Warp 5.6: Time as Measure, Dashboard Comments, Color Theme

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Happy New Year Everyone! We kicked off the new year with a MAJOR update focused on the DeepInsight Visualization. Let’s have a look!

Time as Measure

You can now perform various computation on time data such as calculating the time difference or adding the time value, aggregating time as sum, count, or average, and so on.

Think how easy it would be for you to calculate the total working hours of your employees subtracting breaks and meetings. Or, their late ins. Or, if you are in call center industry, you can analyze customer hold time on a call or how much time it took for a customer to talk to an agent.

DI Time.gif

Your time data is imported as Dimensions in DeepInsight, to compute on it, you must convert them as measures. Right-click the measure field to aggregate the data or you can also use two new Time calculations for analysis.

DI Aggregations.jpg

Dashboard Comments

Conversations drive collaboration and unlock innovation, drives business growth and decisions. We’ve added an inbuilt-functionality called Dashboard Comments so you can have conversations on your data without leaving DeepInsight. To get started, you can tag (@mentioname) your collaborators in the conversation. Conversations are threaded and include a date and time stamp. You can add, reply, edit, and delete your comments. You can add comments to your shared and published dashboards in both Enterprise and Public versions and get instant notifications when someone joins the conversation. You can find this cool new functionality in the Show Deck panel on your dashboard.

DI DashboardComments.jpg

Assign Color Theme to Dimensions Directly from the Data Pane

Yup! You can now assign your favorite color theme to any dimension on a right-click > Default Properties > Color Theme.

DeepInsight retains your assigned color theme in any new worksheet you create on the same dataset.

DI CP.gif

Add Transparency to your Color

It’s a cakewalk. Open the Color Deck, click More Colors, and use the slider to control the color transparency.

DI ColorT.gif