November 15, 2017

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DMXDeepInsight WARP 1.2 is now available! In addition to many important bug fixes, it brings support to Cluster Analysis, R-Server, Table Calculations, and Sorting.

New Features

Cluster Analysis

This powerful new feature identifies hidden patterns and structures in your data and clusters (groups) them together. For example, banks can segment customers based on their credit card history.

Exploring R Server for Advanced Analytics

R is a new feature that integrates with DMXDeepInsight. R is an open source software programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. We’ve added a new calculated field using which you can analyze statistical computing visually.

Table Calculations

Table Calculation is a new way of creating advanced calculations even without knowing the underlying data. DMXDeepInsight comes with several predefined calculations such as moving computation, running totals, percent of total, rank, and more. These pre-defined calculations calculate the result based on a table. Table calculations can be saved for future use just like calculated fields.


You can sort data in alphabetical order or perform a manual sorting. In manual sorting, you can decide the order in which the data should appear in the chart view.

Feature Enhancements

Heat Map

DMXDeepInsight now allows you to build Heat Map using multiple dimension fields.


We’ve added a new Wildcard Match filter option in the Filters deck. DMXDeepInsight searches for the specified string in the chart view and displays results based on the defined match. Pattern Match is case sensitive.

Color Deck

DMXDeepInsight can now display all values of a field placed in the Color deck. For easy navigation, you can use the vertical scrollbar.

Calculated Fields

These calculated field functions are new.

  • FIND
  • MID or Substring
  • STR
  • IIF
  • AND
  • NOT
  • OR

These calculation fields have been enhanced:

  • MAX

New Toolbar Options

Your Worksheet toolbar has been enhanced to include three new options: Create Calculated Field, Create Parameter Field, R Connection, and Clusters.

New Measure Field

DMXDeepInsight now shows a new field in the Measures Pane, Number of Records which is not part of the underlying data but is auto-generated when importing data from the data source. This field indicates the number of rows in the data source.


There are several enhancements in Dashboard.

  • A new Open in Editor option has been added to the Worksheets Tab. Till WARP 1, this option was only available when you hovered your mouse on the worksheets in the Dashboard panel.
  • The tooltip displayed on mouse hover on Filters icon has been updated from Show/Remove Filter to Show/Hide Filter.
  • You can now view worksheet names on mouse-hover even when the display item layout has been turned off.