November 22, 2017

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DMXDeepInsight WARP 1.5 is now available! In addition to many important bug fixes, it brings support to Dataset Refresh.

New Feature

Dataset Refresh

Dataset refresh is now available in DMXDeepInsight for all supported cloud and file data sources, for both new and existing datasets.

  • Scheduled Refresh – you can set a schedule for automatic updates of your dataset by specifying the Time of Day, the Frequency (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly), and the Starting Date for your dataset refresh. Moreover, you can replace your existing data or append to existing data.

    Schedule Refresh.gif

  • Manual Refresh – you can update dataset at any time. Just, select the file containing the latest version of your data. (1).gif

Feature Enhancements

Chart Axes

We have added highlighting on chart headers so that on selecting any record on header axis, the selected record and its sub-categories are highlighted with a tooltip. (2).gif

Measure Filters

Beside filtering measure values using the slider, you can also edit the range in the text boxes placed right above the slider.

Measure Filters.gif

Table Calculations

These table calculation functions are new.

  • Compute using
  • Range



There are several enhancements in Dashboard.

  • We now support dockable deck in Dashboard and Worksheet. Dockable mode keeps the panel visible even when your focus shifts to a different area. When you open the deck, the dashboard or worksheet area automatically rescales to a new size.
  • Till warp 1.2, the Filter and Color Legends were displayed as individual panels on the dashboard. We have changed this display, and now you will see both in the Show Deck placed one after the other.