Transfer Sheet Ownership

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You can transfer ownership of your sheets to anyone with a DeepInsight account. When you make someone else the owner of a sheet:

  • the sheet will be permanently deleted from your workspace
  • you cannot transfer ownership back to yourself
  • all worksheets added to a dashboard will also be transferred to the new owner

The new owner can view transferred sheets in the My Sheets panel on the Collaborate page and dashboards in the My Visualization Gallery on the Homepage. DeepInsight retains the status of the sheets as they were when transferred to the new owner, for example, if a shared sheet was transferred then it will remain so until unshared by the new owner. The new owner can see all notes created by other collaborators, but private notes of the previous owner will be removed.

Follow the steps below for transferring ownership.

  1. Open the Collaborate page.
  2. In the Actions column, identify the sheet you want to transfer to someone and then click the Transfer icon.
  3. In the Transfer dialog, type the username. DeepInsight auto-populates the list of DeepInsight users based on the keywords.
  4. Click Transfer. A warning dialog appears. Read the warning carefully and then click Proceed. The sheet is removed immediately from your workspace.