Warp 4.8: Replace Dataset, Multi-tenancy for DeepInsight, and Other Enhancements

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Today we’re publishing Warp 4.8, which includes some very interesting features. Let’s have a look!

Replace Dataset - What, Why, How?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned data veteran, building a dashboard could be a daunting task. Think about the times when you have customized your dashboards for your unique corporate look and feel. What if you could reuse a ready-made dashboard that already has a look and feel and features you desire and tailor to your specific business demands, with just a few minor tweaks, and few clicks?

Take dashboard creation and customization one step further. Automate. DeepInsight has a mighty new feature that allows you to update worksheets and dashboards at once, so they use a different dataset. You can bypass the time you spend rebuilding and customizing dashboards and update them to use different dataset at runtime effortlessly.

DeepInsight’s Replace Dataset can easily use the same customized dashboard to be used for a different dataset without reinventing the wheel each time the dashboard must be created – simply replace dataset, tweak the dashboard as desired, and share it with your team. When DeepInsight replaces a dataset, it is only mapping the fields used in the original worksheet with the corresponding fields in the new dataset. Your underlying data is not affected. Peeking under the hood, DeepInsight retains pre-designed layout and preset styles for formatting – font size, language, spacing, alignment, chart coloring, basic sorting and more.


Here are FIVE reasons DeepInsight’s Replace Dataset should be topping your choice for dashboard creation.

  1. Automation
  2. You are automating the process of dashboard creation by simply mapping fields in the dashboard with the ones you want to replace. Make your choice, and the rest DeepInsight will do it for you!

  3. Boost productivity
  4. Working on a new sales dashboard for a customer meeting? You can speed up your time and bypass the legwork you’ve already done before by updating your dashboard to use a different dataset – a true perk when you’re pressed for time and need to meet an urgent deadline. Anyone can create beautiful and effective business dashboards in a snap.

  5. Reduce errors
  6. We all have been there. In a rush, you share a business dashboard and only to realize minutes afterward that essential data was incorrect or left out. Replace Dataset can help you avoid these slips because it leaves no room for absent essentials. That pre-determined structure we mentioned earlier also helps keep errors to a minimum.

  7. Improve consistency and compliance
  8. Leaving it to your employees to build business dashboards from scratch and decide on how critical information should be presented is sometimes risky. With Replace Dataset functionality, you can ensure a templatized format to be used across departments, and business dashboards are compliant. With your dashboard content, DeepInsight will maintain consistent formatting and style, ensuring consistency across all dashboards whose dataset you replace.

  9. Efficiency
  10. You only need to create a dashboard once. Using that dashboard for different dataset means you don’t have to spend time formatting your dataset – it’s already done. You do not have to spend time creating the same dashboard from scratch thus leaving you free to focus on the content of your dashboard.

Multi-tenant Deployment for DeepInsight

In a Multi-tenant DeepInsight environment, Enterprise admins can now create organizations and add as many divisions as they wish inside these organizations. Multi-tenancy is a powerful new way of organizing and securing your data and insights.

Take organizations as business units. And divisions as different teams. Users added to a division won’t see users added to other divisions while sharing or publishing visualizations because multi-tenancy partitions the divisions and users on one division will not know about users or access content on another division. You can also add users to organizations, but then these users will see all users in the organization regardless of their division.

Example 1: Create Organization and Add Division


Example 2: Add User to Division


Example 3: View User Added to Division


Scheduled Refresh Activity in DeepInsight Admin Account

Adding more control to the enterprise administrator is our new Scheduled Refresh Activity tab in the DeepInsight Admin Account. DeepInsight administrators can now monitor and manage scheduled refresh activity for all enterprise users. DeepInsight will immediately send notifications to users whose scheduled refresh is paused, restarted, or deleted by the administrator.

Map Datatype Support for Database Data Sources

During the import process, DeepInsight automatically identifies a format for the data and categorizes it into different datatypes. Up to the last release, this default mapping could only be changed for the file datasets, but with Warp 4.8 onwards, you can now change the default mapping of the datatypes for the database datasets.

Different Measures in Color & Size Deck Support for Word Cloud

Now customize your Word Cloud visualization by placing different measures not part of your chart view in the Color and Size Deck.