Warp Visualization Enhancements

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Today we’re publishing Warp, which includes some very interesting enhancements. Let’s have a look!

Custom Chart

Instead of creating a separate view for each analysis, Custom Chart gives the flexibility to analyze a single metric against various categories concurrently in single view. For example, analyzing quantity ordered against product category, yearly, quarterly, and monthly orders.

DI CustomChart1.gif

New Table Calculation Functions

These new functions have been added.


Generate a Filtered Report URL

This new enhancement is particularly for those customers integrating their tools with DeepInsight. URL filtering gives role-based access to published reports. When you create a filter, DeepInsight generates a filtered report URL. When your collaborators click the published report, they see only the intended information on their role and not the complete report.


Dashboard Border Formatting

Now add border style, size, color, and opacity, to make your dashboards look clean and sharp.

Dashboard Border Formatting.gif

Edit Field Display Name in Reports and Tooltip

Sometimes it is desirable to change the title of the fields you’re analyzing in reports and tooltips. The new Edit Titles option is added to any field you’ve placed in the Columns/Rows/Filter deck or Chart Accordion.

DI Edit Title.gif

New Options for Data Limit

If the dataset was huge, DeepInsight would limit the rendering of records. This limitation is now removed. Now, DeepInsight will prompt you to add all records in the view, or it will not render the chart and place the field directly in the Filter deck. DeepInsight will render the chart based on the fields you select in the Filter Deck.

DI DataLimit.gif

Show/Hide Zoom Bar on Series Chart

Every bit of space is precious, particularly vertical space. However, zoom bars in time series chart used to take up real estate. We have enhanced this feature by putting you on the driver’s seat and letting you control the appearance of the zoom bar in your visualization. When you don’t need the zoom bar, turn in off, in one-click.

DI Zoombar.gif