What's New for Forecasting in DeepInsight Warp 5.9.2

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Forecasting in DeepInsight

Add forecasting to Multiple Dimensions

Earlier, you could add a forecast to a date field and at least one measure. Now, DeepInsight can create a forecast for a view that contains a dimension in addition to a date field and one measure.

Revamped Dialog

Warp 5.9.2 revamped the Forecast dialog by adding new options and a new look.


ARIMA Algorithm

For higher predictive capability, DeepInsight now supports non-seasonal ARIMA (Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average) model.

Ignore Last

You can trim off periods using the new Ignore Last option. You can specify the number of periods DeepInsight should ignore from the current point while estimating the forecast.

Chart Highlighting for Sunburst Chart

You can now highlight specific data points and analyze them in the Sunburst chart.

DI 5.9.2 Sunburst.gif