What's New in DeepInsight: Warp 4.6

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In this post we’re going to look at new Visualization & Data Refresh enhancements in DeepInsight Warp 4.6.

Totals in Table Visualization

We now have a new option, Show Subtotal for Table visualization. This option calculates the subtotals for specific dimensions.

DI TabViz New.gif

Enhanced Tooltips

DeepInsight Warp 4.6 has added improvements to tooltips.

  • We have extended Tooltip deck support to DISankey.png | DIFDGraph.png | DIScatterplot.png
  • If the text on the DeepInsight UI is greater than the available space, then DeepInsight truncates that text with ellipses. Now hover over a truncated text to see the full text in a tooltip.

Custom Title for Gauge and Table Visualizations

You can now specify a custom title for your Gauge and Table visualizations. DI EditGauge Title.gif

New functions in Calculated Fields

Now use INDEX and LOOKUP table calculation functions to create a calculated field.

Schedule Incremental Data Refresh

You can now set incremental refresh in schedule refresh. When you set an incremental refresh, you specify the column in the dataset that DeepInsight will use to identify new rows. Use incremental refresh for large tables because it is faster and saves both time and resources necessary to update the dataset.

Schedule Refresh NewOpt.png