What's New in Warp 5.9.7: Setting Defaults and Coloring Your Visualization

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We’ve just made DeepInsight Warp available, which means only one thing: You Get to Play with the New Enhancements! This release also includes fixes and usability improvements. So, let’s look at the notable visualization enhancements.

Setting Defaults

You can now set a custom sort order and a default color or color theme as part of the default properties for the dimension every time you use it in your visualization. To do this, right-click the dimension in the Data Pane > Default Properties > choose your option.


Setting Default Sorting

DIDefaultProp Sort1.gif

Using Dimension in a Different Worksheet

DIDefaultProp Sort2.gif


Setting Default Color Theme

DIDefaultProp Color1.gif

Using Color Theme in a Different Worksheet

DIDefaultProp Color2.gif

We’ve also added a Reset button to the Sort and Edit Color dialogs you open from the Data Pane. This button resets the properties you set from the Data Pane to its default behavior.

DIDefaultProp Reset.gif

Brighten Up Your Reports – Add More Colors

Add more color to your reports by selecting new colors from the Color Deck.